This is the main and basic protagonist of our work. Everything is aimed at the best knowledge and comfort of the plant, so that it reaches its maximum production potential in each culture medium.

Therefore everything starts with:

1. A correct choice of the Variety / Rootstock combination

2. A correct Plantation Design

Proper handling of the Canopy Driving System/b> (orientation, pruning, ..)

An adequate strategy of mineral nutrition, with the best and tightest possible calculation of the nutritional needs of the plant in each phenological item.

5. Adequate phytosanitary management, which frees the plant from competition for pests, diseases and weeds, always within the increasingly demanding quality protocols imposed by the market.

6. An exhaustive control of the cultivation operations:

* equipments
* treatment (spraying) organization
* pruning organization
* harvest organization. Harvesting Systems.
* ….

7. Control and measurement of fruit quality parameters (average weight, caliber, Brix, acidity,% juice, kernel / hull yield, …)

8. Plant sensorization and monitoring

9. Analysis of plant tissue (leaf, fruit, branches, SAX, …), for diagnosis of nutritional status or the efficiency of the fertigation system.