If agricultural production in general is something very globalized, fruit growing in particular makes the world very small. There are few areas with  subtropical, Mediterranean or very mild continental climate, where quality fruit growing can be done.

And in every part of the world with a production of quality fruit and a lot of export vocation, very similar crops are produced.
In those places of the world to which I have had the opportunity to visit I have found the same crops that we do in Spain but in different circumstances of productive model, of agroclimatic condition and of different productivity. See a known crop in some extreme condition of soil, climate, …, teaches a lot. And seeing your country, your productive zone and what you are doing from a distance, from outside, teaches much more.

All this I want to represent in this map of different areas of world fruit visited, where, if you click on the red dots, you can see the crops they do there and you can see that it is the same as we do in the different producing areas of Our dear Spain.