99% of the fruit in which we work is irrigation, and, more specifically, drip irrigation.

Water is a fundamental good for the production of fruit and is a scarce commodity. For this reason, the determination of the crop’s water needs as accurate as possible is an important part of our work. We use several methods or approaches for this:

1. We rely on the Network of Agrometeo Stations of the Junta de Andalucía to determine the theoretical demand for irrigation through the calculation of ETc,


2. With the physical analysis of soil and, again, the data of the Network Stations of the Junta de Andalucía, we calculate a Soil Water Balance (SWB),


3. These two previous approaches give us a rough or global idea of the approximate figure of irrigation, but to obtain a figure much more adjusted in dose and frequency, we rely on a private network and own sensor stations. These stations provide data on: flow in the drip line, CE in the drip line, volumetric soil moisture at different depths, soil temperature at different depths, as well as some climate parameters in the tree canopy (Rainfall, Air temperature, Relative Air Humidity, DPV, …),

And a separate chapter deserves the Fertigation Facilities.

Most of the fertilizers are contributed to the crop through the irrigation system.

Therefore, the correct design, the correct dimensioning of equipment, the correct automation and the monitoring of these facilities, is another fundamental part of our work,