The citrus fruits represent for us 52% of the surface that we advise.

We work in 29 farms that mainly produce or have among their crops some type of citrus fruit.

Specifically we see:

* almost all orange varieties (Fukumoto, Navelina, Navel Foyos, Salustiana, Late Lane, Powell, Chislet, Rhode, Kirkwood, Valencia Late, Valencia Delta, Valencia Midknight, Valencia Ruby, Valencia Lavalle, Barberina and a wide collection of oranges for Industry)
* Grapefruit (basically Star Ruby)
* Tangerine (Clemenville, Nadorcot, Tango, Leanri, …)
* Innovative planting systems such as Superintensive, which, in this crop, is not at all common …

The location of these plantations is the following:

Área de distribución de estas fincas