Starting at the base, when we face the study of a new farm we start with the basic soil classification,

Sometimes we complement this work with obtaining a plan of the apparent conductivity of the soil to determine agrological units that allow us to better center the soil profiling,

And now comes the soil profiling and analysis of samples of soil and Saturated Pasta Extract,

With this previous study we already know where we stand. We can know the soil limitations for what crop (waterproof layers, high freatic levels, excessive active limestones, salinity, sodicity, …), we see the needs of leveling, the needs of amendments (organic, acid, limestone, …), we can map the soil for a better design of the irrigation system, etc.

In very few farms in Spain we can enjoy a tool such as the RIZOTRÓN, a kind of permanent open profile that allows us to see continuously: the moisture front, the beginning of root activity, the density of roots and their depth, …